with Michael Bettine, is so much more than just gongs. It’s gongs, singing bowls, bells, and other percussion instruments, combined into a pulsating soundscape that is designed to help you slow down and invite the stillness within.

There’s no hurry, no destination—only the breath and

being in the moment.

A New Website is in Process

I thought it was time to do something new, so check back often these next few weeks to see how things are going.

A Busy Year

Much is happening here: 2 new books will be released in June, I’ll be teaching & performing in Italy in September, I’ll be at both USA Gong Camps in October. Stay tuned for details!

Teaching & Workshops

I’m available for private lessons in my studio and group workshops around the globe. Contact me for info or to set something up.


Check out my YouTube channel with 250+ videos: https://www.youtube.com/@Gongtopia


If you are seeking a deeper experience, check out my Patreon page. For just $10 a month you get access to videos that go into much more depth than on YouTube. You also get writings & downloads. https://www.patreon.com/GONGTOPIA

It’s Cuppa Time

Yes, I drink a lot of tea, hence the name of my YouTube series, It’s Cuppa Time. There is also a possible Cuppa Time podcast in the works. Stay tuned…

A World of Resonating Metals

I’ve always been fascinated by sound and have been a professional musician for over 50 years now. I still get excited by it all and keep on learning more every day.

Alchemy is the Art of Transformation

I base much of what on do on Alchemical systems.

These are often archetypes & symbols represented by sounds.

These archetypes are a doorway to other realms.

A World of Vibration.

Sound has the power to transform us.

Silence has the power to amplify sound.

Sound, Silence, and Time are the 3 Primes

of sound work.

“Bettine played the room as much as the instruments, exploring the beating tones of vibrations. Creating a shifting wall of sound that washed over the audience, Bettine offered us a distinctive exploration into the craft of percussion.”

Real Time Arts, Australia