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If this is your first time here, there are a lot of pages and a wealth of information on this website. To keep you from becoming overwhelmed, I suggest starting on this page to get to know me and what I do. From there, you will have some background knowledge to explore the rest of the website.

Thanks for stopping by! ~ MB

Who I Am: I'm a Percussionist who specializes if playing metal percussion of all types: Gongs, Bowls, Bells, etc. I've played drums & percussion for the past 50 years, but since 2001, I've concentrated on playing mostly resonating metal percussion.

What I Do: I work in 4 basic areas - Gong Meditation Sessions, Improvised Music, Composed Music, and Education.

Gong Meditations: Imagine yourself lying on a fabulous beach and giant waves of beautiful sound are washing over you. Really. That's what it's like. Participants lay on a Yoga mat/blanket and I play all the wonderful sounds of the Gongs, Singing Bowls, Bells for an hour. The effect is theraputic: your Chakras & energy are balanced and aligned, you leave feeling refreshed and awakened. You may also experience some sort of spontanious energy release that clears up past traumas and dis-eases. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever done, and I am honored to be able to present it to people.

Improvised Music: I love being spontaneous and creative. With that in mind, I love working with other musicians in an improvised setting, creating music in the moment. You have to be on your game, as there is always an element of danger involved, but that really makes me stretch out and reach for new sounds, new musical ideas.

Here is a video of guitarist Jay Mollerskov and I improvising on a very cold February night at the Unrehearsed Milwaukee performance series:

Composed Music: I also love composing music, working with structure, meter, and measure; creating music that can be recreated again. I put on full 60-90 minute concerts where I assemble over 100 metal instruments into a large circular array. The sound is like nothing you've ever heard.

Here is a video where I perform my composition, Spiritual Resonance:

Education: I love to teach and share what I know. I've presented workshops at Universities, music stores, conventions, festivals, and other places. I've also presented sessions at elementary schools and family events. I also teach privately in groups and to individuals.

Here is a recent instructional video I recorded about mallets & mallet selection:

Here is a video on the difference between listening and hearing:

Additionally, you can find more performance and educational videos on my YouTube channel.

You can listen to various music tracks at my Bandcamp page.

You can also read my blog dedicated to drums & percussion of all types: Percussion Deconstruction™, and my blog all about Gongs & Resonating Metals, The Way of the Gong™. I also have a blog (yes, 3 blogs!) called Art As A Spiritual Practice, which is more about my experience being an artist (music, writing, photography, design, etc,) in general.

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~ Michael Bettine

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