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One-on-one Gong/Singing Bowl/Bell Intensive Workshop!

Work with me for 8 hours as we explore and play various Gongs, Singing Bowls, and Bells. This session is designed to give you an indepth look at these sacred instruments, and practical hands on experience working with them. (click above for details)

For those looking more for the basics, I offer hourly lessons (2-hours and up) introducing you to the Gongs and Bowls, playing techniques, and answers to your questions. These lessons are available in hour long blocks and can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact me with your needs.

Gong Meditation Sessions & Sound Therapy Workshops:

Both group and individual. A Gong Session involves various Gongs and often Singing Bowls & Bells. These sacred instruments can help clear blocked energy & align/balance your Chakras. Experience the ancient Music of the Spheres today.

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Solo Gongs/Metals - up to 90 minutes of original compositions/improvisations

Solo Percussion - up to 90 minutes of original compositions/improvisations

Performances with guest musicians/groups, both improvised and composed music


Live & studio - drum kit, hand drums, hand percussion, Gongs


Gongs for Meditation & Sound Healing - Learn about Gongs & Sacred Metals, various techniques, and how to use them for personal meditation & sound healing

Gongs - their history, Gong types & selection, performance techniques

Drum Kit - Rock/funk/pop drumming, drum tuning, adding percussion to your drum kit, improvising & extended techniques


Available for extended residencies involving detailed workshops and hands on playing. This is an excellent opportunity for schools, community & yoga centers, and other groups


Drum kit, hand drums, hand percussion, Gongs - improvised or composed music - one night to full tours.

Private Lessons:

Weekly half hour lessons are available on drum kit at various locations in the metro Milwaukee area. I also teach snare drum, hand drums, hand percussion, and of course, Gongs & Metal Percussion.

One off lessons (1 hour & up)  are also available for people passing through, or who need a tune up of what they currently do..

Master class 

Half day or all day sessions are available.

There's 2 ways I teach: we can work on the mechanics - like beats, rudiments, playing songs, and regular drum stuff (logical thinking); or we can go off the deep end and get into the mysteries & mayhem of things - like composing, sounds, energy, extended techniques - the esoterica of percussion (abstract thinking). 


Michael is available for various compositions - solo/ensemble/film scores/etc.

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