Gongs & Cymatics

Wave Forms and their Affect

A friend posed the question online: 

What would Gong Cymatic patterns look like? 

Being the mad scientist type that I am, I immediately ran down into the Gong cave and started working on this idea. I figured out how to mount a Gong flat on its face, yet still be able to have it resonate freely. Then I sprinkled salt over the back of the Gong, bowed it, and patterns started to appear:

The top photo is a 22” Paiste Accent Gong. I got a nice spoke pattern happening on it.

The above photo is a 28”Jupiter Planet Gong. You can clearly see the vibrational nodes.

Above is a 20” Symphonic Gong with a markedly different vibrational pattern.

Above is another pattern in the process of forming.

The end result is that they all look like Mandalas.

Above is a typical complex wave pattern formed with sand. 

While I didn’t reach that type ofcomplexity (you need very high frequencies for that), 

I did get excellent results. 

Cymatics and the Human Body

The above patterns are fascinating. But imagine, if these patterns can be created in water, or with salt/sand, how does our body react to vibrations passing through it? It is well known that the body is mostly made up of water. Each tiny cell of our body is in reality a water container. So imagine vibrations passing through the cell walls and affecting the water inside. Think of how each cell will produce some sort of pattern.

The Gongs have the ability to transmit vibrations through the body to each and every cell. One of the ways they help align our energy centers is by getting each cell to vibrate in harmony. Think of all your cells vibrating together, creating the same Cymatics pattern. Imagine each cell containing a small energy wheel, or Mandala, linking all the cells in a harmonious vibrational matrix. 

Besides water, we also contain various trace elements and are carbon based. Carbon is a crystalline nonmetal which manifests in various forms, including diamond and graphite. Crystals have the ability to take in, store, and release energy. In this context, the Gongs vibrations can be absorbed by the crystalline structures in the body, again, aligning them in harmony.

For more on Cymatics, look up both Cymatics and 

the work of Hans Jenny on the web & YouTube,

where there are many excellent videos.

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