Brown Rice, Chicago, March 20, 2008

Michael gave a great performance at my space, Brown Rice last night. His setup is tremendous. There are some really wonderful Paiste Earth, Symphonic, Water, and Accent gongs and tuned Thai and Philippine gongs. He had three gongs by Michael Paiste, one of which I am deeply coveting. It was a Wind gong unlike any I've heard. Michael performed beautifully. There were several compositions where he focused primarily on the smaller tuned gongs and some more open pieces where the larger Paiste gongs came into play. He pulled an impressive amount of melody and color from all his instruments.

- Ben Gray

Michael's performance last night at Brown Rice was astonishing. His sonic palette includes beautiful songs on kulintang and subtle washes with overtones on gongs. I've never heard anyone get such a range of sounds out of gongs and cymbals.

- Dan Godston

You can download a full recording of this performance here: ASTRONOMOS

Brown Rice 2008

Performance @ Brown Rice, Chicago, March 18., 2008

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