You've never heard anything like my music, because no one else is doing what I do. My music is deep, intuitive, and filled with the sounds of the Universe. You will hear sounds that are familiar, but that you can't explain. You may hear sounds that trigger memories and tell you stories. You may be affected at a cellular level, because the vibrations of the Gongs and other instruments are able to cut through the dross of everyday life, bringing a positive affect to your body/mind/spirit. .

All of my recordings are released by Intuitive Arts Media (IAM). Click on each cover below for more information.

Intuitive Arts Media was created as a place to be able to release all types of music that I produce. Most of it is percussion, or percussion based, but future releases will feature electronic music, various chamber music, and my take on modern prog/pop/rock. I am also working on various video projects for future release.

Why my music is not on Itunes or Amazon 

There are 3 main reasons:

1) ARTISTIC CONTROL. Neither place allows the artist to set their own price for their music releases. I believe it’s important for independant artists to have control over their works, and to be able to set whatever price they want to sell it at, even free. New releases are typically priced at $9.99 and up on both iTunes & Amazon. 

Since I’m an independent artist doing everything myself, I have no middle men to pay. Thus I can sell my downloads for less and still make a reasonable profit. My full albums are usually priced from $6-8.

2) SOUND QUALITY. Neither site offers high quality lossless downloads like FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, m4a, etc. MP3s are fine for many people, but the actual sound quality is lacking, as a lot of data is taken out in order to make a much smaller file size. This was necessary in the past, when iPods/iPhones, as well as desktop & laptop computers, had limited memory. Today, memory is inexpensive and most people will have no problem storing and playing a library of lossless music files.

I take great care to make the best quality recordings I can, so I want to give people the option to buy lossless downloads so they can hear things the way they were recorded. Besides, you can always convert a lossless file into a lossy MP3, but you can’t convert an MP3 into a full quality lossless file (you can’t put back what was taken out).

The other aspect is, most sites that also offer lossless downloads charge more for them! This makes no sense to me, and just seems like a way to get more money from fans. It costs nothing to offer downloads in lossless format vs lossy. When you buy from me, you can download whatever format you want, all at the same price!

3) BANDCAMP is a proven music file hosting and selling site. They take a reasonable cut (less than other places) and allow me complete control over my releases. I can manage things from my own computer and have access to data/stats about my sales. Also,  with iTunes or Amazon, you have to do a song and dance to get things done, and it takes time to get things put out. With Bandcamp, I can record something and immediately post it for sale. It doesn’t take weeks/months for new music to appear.

The best thing is that Bandcamp allows you to download my music in whatever format you want! If you really want MP3 files, you can get them. If you want lossless files, you can get them. And all for the same price.

CDs (you remember those shiny plastic discs, don't you?) are available for some albums. But rather than the typical mass produced disc slapped into a plastic box, each one is a special limited edition in a handmade kraft or paper board cover. These are lovingly  designed, printed, and glued together by myself. I also do all the artwork & photos, and write the words.  Most CDs are $15 each (unless noted), including postage to anywhere in the world. Releases that are available on CD are designated (CD)


To order CDs, use the contact form on the right to let me know what you want and I'll send you payment instructions. Thanks.

Digital downloads are available in your choice of format (MP3, AIFF, FLAC, etc.). You can stream each track to hear it before you buy (you can't beat that!). In addition, downloads often come with extensive liner notes/track notes/essays/photos/artwork

Most downloads are $6-8.00 each (unless noted otherwise). 

Checkout the Download store, or click on each cover below for more info.

Please note that 100% of the profits go back to the artist and help fund further recordings and live performances. Thanks for your interest!

Threshold Series

gongtopia vs tairaku album cover idea 1c

Gongtopia Tairaku

These improvisations are a meeting of minds and instruments. Improvising percussionist, Michael Bettine (Gongtopia) plays a wide array     of metal percussion. Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) plays a variety of Shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute.

Threshold Series #10 (CD)

Mag Conduction Cover
Trans Sparks Cover

Magnetic Conduction

Composed and improvised solo percussion. This is an extremely detailed recording. All effects and sounds are done live, by the artist’s hands. Headphones are recommended.

Threshold Series #9

Transmission of Sparks

Live solo percussion recorded in the resonant sanctuary of a local church. Beautiful. Engaging. Magical.

Threshold Series #8

Art of Trio Cvr 2
Art of Duo Cvr edited-1
Cathedral Stories Cover
GOC Unification

The Art of theTrio

11 improvised trio recordings featuring some of the best improvising musicians in the greater Milwaukee area from an intense 12 hour recording session.

Threshold Series #7

The Art of the Duo II

9 improvised duos of varying styles. Featuring electronics, double bass, cornet, violin, Mesesa, drums, vibes, & guitar.

Threshold Series #6

The Art of the Duo

10 improvised duos, live in the studio. Featuring: electronics, vibes, Mosesa, flute, clarinet, violin, double bass, drums, & mellotron.

Threshold Series #5

Cathedral Stories

This was recorded in the beautiful and resonant All Saints Cathedral in Milwaukee. The music is from Stories We Tell Ourselves, Gongs of Compassion, Scattered Light, Shadow World, and various improvisations.

Threshold Series #4 (CD)


 Gongs of Compassion

Gongs, Bells, Bowls, Hand Drums & Percussion meld into a swirling panoply of sound.The music here contains chants, soundscapes, and meditations. Over 70 separate percussion instruments were used to create this album. This is music for your soul. Welcome to Gongs of Compassion! 

Threshold Series #3 (CD)

Waking Hour

In The Waking Hour

A new trio album of intense, yet beautiful music. Featureing myself with Joni Clare on voice/loops, and Barry paul Clark on bass/electronics. All the music was improvised in the studio in this, our one and only meeting.

Threshold Series #2

Stories Cover-1

Stories We Tell Ourselves

A new solo album featuring 13 tracks based on my experiences performing in various art museums & galleries during the past year.

Threshold Series #1


a0566166582 2


A full live concert performance. Recorded in October 2014, at Woodland Pattern Books, in Milwaukee. This album features music from throughout my career,    as well as new compositions.

Threshold Series #0


Borderlands Cycle

Deva•Station2 cvr
Bardo Cover


This was one of those special occasions where I felt the very nature of time moving through me. Come along to the end of your journey. Welcome to the Deva•Station. ~ MB

Issue #5 of the Borderlands Cycle

Dancing Across The Bardo

The music I create is a very personal, often bordering on being a mystical experience for me. It is also in many ways biographical, as it represents who and what I am at that moment in time. And it is an evolutionary process, as I reach for deeper levels, discovering new sounds, new rhythms, and new atmospheres.

Issue #4 of the Borderlands Cycle

Aspects cvr

Aspects of Time & Being

A 68 minute meditation encompassing a wide variety of moods and textures. 

All the time right now is all there ever is, each being-time is without exception entire time…Entire being, entire world, exists in the time of each and every now. 

~ Dogen Zenji from Uju (Being-Time)

Issue #3 of the Borderlands Cycle (CD)

Primal Forces 1 cvr
Halo Cover

Primal Forces

Music for the art exhibit,  Mineral Composition No. 1: Wisconsin, U.S.A. by Priyanka Ram.  Percussion born out of the earth, bubbling up through the densely packed layers, only to emerge into the warm sun.

This is a FREE download.

Issue #2 of the Borderlands Cycle.

Halo of Sparks

Light. Sound. Stars. Day. Night. Superluminal. 

This is a FREE download.

Issue #1 of the Borderlands Cycle. 


AQUA cover


Coming in 2019. We’ll see what happens with finding enough time to finish this and the next one in the series.

Ambient Series #3


This 1-track EP consists of an 18 minute combination of studio and filed recordings. The sounds are peaceful and hypnotic. As always, headphons are recommended.

Ambient Series #2


This 1-track EP consists of a 28 minute swirling, changing, hypnotic drone. This is great for background music, meditation, and ambient listening. Headphones are recommended!

Ambient Series #1

Transmission Series - 2015-17

The music of this series is deep and meditative. It is designed to change your state, change your sense of time, and transport you to other realms. Much of it is slow moving, letting the air and space between notes become as much a part of things as the actual notes themselves. The Transmission series is download only.


Expansion Cvr

Sacred Scrape

Lineage and tradition are important concepts to mankind. I have studied and immersed myself in various esoteric communiuties over the years. This has deepened my understanding of everything around me and profoundly affected how I approach sound. To me, making music is sculpting in time, carving out the sounds in air.

Transmission Series #13


Sound is an ever evolving medium. You can never recreate the previous sounds, the previous experience. So let go of your pre-existing expectations and open up to expansion. What may seem familiar is in truth unknown. Expand yourself.

Transmission Series #12

a3587004847 16


There is no one way, as everything is a variation of many possible outcomes. Opportunities are presented and choices are made. Often recurring events seem similar, but there are always subtle differences. These are the Permutations of our lives. 

Transmission Series #11


Every way is a path. Some paths cross ours, others run parallel, and while never crossing ours, they still exert a great influence upon us. Be aware of those things that touch your life, both directly and indirectly. Whatever your path is, follow it. 

Transmission Series #10

a0441376729 16


Time, space, sound, and mind are all woven together into the latticework of the Universe. Everything becomes everything else, as there are no boundaries, no borders, no separation. Hear the calling within and become a part of it all.

Transmission Series #9



Deep and resonant, these tracks move through different realms. Vibrational exploration and emotion splitting the fabric of the Universe wide open. 

Transmission Series #8



Paramita, as used in Tibetan Buddhism, translates to transcendent action. Pāramitāyāna is the path to perfection. So too in music, we can see it as a transcendent action, taking us away from the physical/material world. Music has the ability to open us up to the possibilities of ourselves.

Transmission Series #7

Memento Muni#1
Silent Sky#1


Music is much like water. It flows through our lives, it settles into our consciousness, it often comes in waves. Sound also sustains us, for mankind has always had music. Immerse yourself in the deepness of Aqueous. Let the vibrations flow over you and carry you to other realms. ~ MB

Transmission Series #6

Circadian Motion

Time flows in a much slower sense then we realize. It is primordial in its depth, yet ever present. These sounds will help you realign yourself, and you sense of time.

Transmission Series #5


There is a point where stillness merges with our inner being. This is the point of oneness with all. The vibrations can help lead the way. Sit. Listen. Follow. Hear the voice calling you to become. 

Transmission Series #4

Memento Muni

The title roughly translates as, “memories of the ancients.” This is a collection of vibrations transcending the barriers between our physical world and what lies beyond.

Transmission Series #3

Silent Sky

And what are our dreams but a window into another reality. Do not fear this other side, for it s a very part of you. Move forward and embrace the Silent Sky.


Transmission Series #2

Manifest Density

Slow moving and time shifting,these tracks will affect you in a deep way. You will find yourself coming back, again and agian, to experience it all once more. 

Transmission Series #1

Full Metal Alchemy Series - 2014

These recordings represent a series of stunning performances featuring a wide array of Gongs, Bells, Singing Bowls, Kalimba, Overtone Singing, and other metallic instruments. The music is other worldly, visionary, and transcendent. The Full Metal Alchemy series is download only.

Jupiter #2

Jupiter Ascending 

An album of meditative music featuring: Gongs, Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bell, & Bell Cymbals.

Recorded 3/21/14               

Full Metal Alchemy Series #1


Absolution of the Void 

An exceptional, deep and thought provoking series of soundscapes. Gongs, Singing Bowls, and Bells fill the air with harmonics and overtones. The Void is not empty, but filled with vibrations.              

Full Metal Alchemy Series #2

The Forms of Things Unknown #2

The Forms of Things Unknown

Unimaginable sounds, deep, mysterious, coming from the whole of the Universe. Let yourself be enveloped by the vibrations. This is the Music of the Spheres…

Full Metal Alchemy Series #3

Codex Espiritu #2

Codex Espiritu

A Codex is an ancient manuscript text in book form. Codex Espiritu is Ancient Sounds collected in a recording. Gongs/Bells/Bowls are perhaps the most ancient of instruments man has created and played. Their vibrations are the vibrations of the Universe.

Full Metal Alchemy Series #4

Wheel CD

Wheel Of Time

Everything is cyclical. The Universe is born, dies, and is reborn again, over and over. Seasons come and go. Life moves on. History repeats itself. This is the Wheel Of Time. 

Full Metal Alchemy Series #5

Harmonic Sky

Harmonic Sky

Hand to metal, in a gesture of transformation. Sound rings out in
never ending circles, as vibrations scatter across the Harmonic Sky.

Full Metal Alchemy Series #6

The Awakening

The Awakening

Sound is transforming. It can change us, shape us, bring us into different states. The sounds of the Gongs and Metals are powerful, yet subtle. Let them in. Let them become a part of you.

Full Metal Alchemy Series #7




Alchemy is the process of changing one thing into another. Here, the bronze alloys are changed into ringing vibrations that create a 5D Sound Bubble around the listener. Stay open and be ready for Redemption…

Full Metal Alchemy Series #8

Dharma CD




Look deeply into the mystery of sound. Look and you will find yourself. Look and you will find all of creation. At a fundamental level, sound is everything… 

Full Metal Alchemy Series #9

Crucible CD

   A Crucible of Sound

An exceptionally well paced and relaxed recording. The sounds unfold from your speakers surrounding you with primal vibrations. Turn it up and let yourself go… 

Full Metal Alchemy Series #10





In reaching for silence, these sounds exist in a space of their own. They appear, fade away, then reappear. Sound becoming silence becoming sound, until they are indistinguishable from each other. Both are equally important, for how would you know sound without silence? 

Full Metal Alchemy Series #11

Transmission CD

Transmission from the Ancients

Intense, deep, slowly building sounds that build to a climax and a release, Feel you energy fields balance and harmony come back to your body/mind/spirit.

Full Metal Alchemy Series #12

Deep Unfolding

Deep Unfolding

Slow and unhurried, the music contained in this album unfolds at a leisurely pace, taking its time, making its way deeper into the Heart of things.

Full Metal Alchemy Series #13

Other Releases:

Studio Recordings



3 timed ambient tracks (10, 20, 30 minutes) for Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, relaxation. The instruments used are Gongs & Himalayan Singing Bowls. Each track is different and they can be combined for longer sessions.

March 2012                                                      

liner notes


Scattered Light

What if you could hear the light rays streaming through your windows?

SCATTERED LIGHT imagines sound as light waves moving through the air, moving through different mediums, scattering, reflecting, and refracting in all directions. 

June 2011   (CD)  liner notes


Transparent Universe

ENSEMBLE GONGTOPIA - massed percussion featuring Gong/bells/ Sounding Plates, along with hand drums, marimba, steel drum, sheet metal, drum set, and various percussion. Up to 19 separate tracks are layered to create the ensemble.

April 2011   (CD)  liner notes


Imagine the most amazing metallic sounds heard underwater, that's SOUNDINGS. Written for, and premiered at, the 2010 Ingenuity Fest in Cleveland, Ohio, SOUNDINGS is performed on over 50 Gongs, Singing Bowls, Bell Cymbals, and Sound Plates.

September 2010   (CD)  liner notes


Stars Show The Way

Solo percussion compositions & improvisations. This is the recording that started it all. Hailed as "easily one of the best solo percussion records I've ever heard", by THE IMPROVISOR

June 2002   (CD)  liner notes



Solo Gong compositions like you've never heard before. 

"Labyrinth...consists of nine beautifully hypnotic tracks" MODERN DRUMMER

March 2003   (CD) 

liner notes



Unbelievably rich ambient sounds coming from close miked Gongs. There are choirs, orchestras, Angels, and the Music of the Spheres. Experience the unexperienced.

October 2007

liner notes


MANDALA is a 48-minute soundscape that is designed for meditation, sound healing, Yoga, Reiki, massage therapy — any time you need to reenergize. The sounds of the Gongs work directly on the Chakras and help release blocked energy. 

October 2007

liner notes




Assorted sounds, moods, melodies, and ambient soundscapes performed by on Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cymbals, and Bells. Intense, intriguing, intelligent, and rewarding. A must have for those interested in metal percussion.

Metal Poetry

October 2007   liner notes

Metal Poetry

"Beautifully played compositions…quite original and exciting percussion  music." Hal Rammel, WMSE Radio. 

Recorded May 8, 2005 live at WMSE Radio Studio, Milwaukee, WI, on the Alternating Currents radio program

August 2005

liner notes

Live Solo Recordings

Ascension Cover

ASCENSION is a  live album recorded in an amazing old church. The sound is glorious, full, and all encompassing. The music was played on 60 various Gongs, Bells, Cymbals, Sound Plates, Singing Bowls, and other resonant metals. Recorded 10/13/13.

liner notes

Now Lounge

The Unwinding Path

A live hour long Gong Meditation Session feturing Paiste Gongs & Himalayan Singing Bowls

September 2011

Here In The NOW

Seven percussion improvisatiuons recorded on the Tour de Gong, live at The NOW Lounge, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 23, 2006. 


The Impact of Falling Stars

Solo percussion music recorded May 2004, live at 3030, Chicago, Il. Enter a world of sounds falling from the sky like stars, illuminating our lives and creating a sense of child-like wonder.

liner notes


Sacred Symbols

Live recording featuring a magical array of solo percussion music captured at the acoustically wonderful 3030 in Chicago.

January 2003                                             

liner notes


Shadow World

32 minutes of entrancing Gong music recorded live at the PERCUSSION NACHT II at the 3030 in Chicago in 2004. The music covers various moods, melodies, and soundscapes.

liner notes



Beautiful live solo Gong performance recorded in Chicago, March 2008. Exceptional & remarkable. This was a very good night.

The Collaboration Series

Live Duo/Trio Recordings

3X2 Cover

Bettine / Dries

27 minutes of improvised Metallic vibrations produced by: 

Timothy Dries-Vibes               

Michael Bettine-Gongs, Bells, Metal Percussion, Bass Drum Table.


WBB CD cover

Weckman Bresette Bettine

A 32 minute set of 3 improvs recorded at Unrehearsed, 7/6/14, in Milwaukee. Think brass band meets ethnic percussion.

Nick Weckman - trombone
Chris Bresette - trumpet

Michael Bettine - gongs/frame drum


Bettine / Hey

A 33 minute live Piano & Gongs improvisation from the 2010 Chicago Calling Arts Festival

The music is impressionistic, tempestuous, changing, evolving, memorable. 

Michael Bettine - Gongs
Jon Hey - Piano 

Cloud Path

McDonas / Bettine 

An exceptional improvised music concert recorded live at Hotcakes Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, September 22, 2007. This documents the 1st meeting between Thollem & Michael. 

Thollem Mcdonas - Piano
Michael Bettine - Percussion & All Sorts 

Industrial CD Cover

Bettine / Santee      

Recorded at a drum clinic I presented in Sept. 2002. We cover a lot of territory here: there's prog rock, industrial trance-noise, a bit of 'jazz', some world music, even some loops with a bit of 'hip-hop' get the picture. 

Michael Bettine - Gongs, Drums, Percussion
Aaron Santee - Tenor Sax, EWI, Electronics & Loops 


Threshold edited-1

Clark Drobka Bettine

A first time meeting, this live recording shows the three musicians at the top of their game, exploring a vast array of sounds, moods, and textures.

Barry Paul Clark - Double Bass & Electronics

Devin Drobka - Drums & Percussion

Michael Bettine - Gongs & PercussionS

Light. Sound. Stars. Day. Night. Superluminal. 

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