Sound Chamber

Taking Music to the Next Realm

Welcome to The Sound Chamber . Here we will explore different ideas of percussion sounds, techniques & set ups. This will not just be Gongs, but anything percussive and soundwise. One of the more interesting aspects of percussion is that it can be anything: there are no rules, no limits to using your imagination. 

In my work as both a percussionist and a Gong Artist , I use everything at my disposal to create the sounds and music I hear in my head, and feel in my soul.

I hope you enjoy these explorations!

Michael Bettine

There are no secrets, only things you do not know yet. ~ Singal Rinpoche

Extended Techniques:

Metal - Part 1

Metal - Part 2

Bowing - Part 1

Bowing - Part 2




Mallet Grip

Do It Yourself:

Gong Hooks

Gong Racks

Friction Mallets

A new video showing how I set up my Gong rack, Gongs, & Singing Bowls

Gong Rack Parts

Build your own GibraltarGong Rack as pictured:

(Download a PDF of this here)

For the actual Gong hooks, see the link above left.

* Note that there are a few differences between the rack pictured and the rack in the video. 

I like Gibraltar racking because I can easily adapt it to my needs. You can easily

change this to create a larger, or smaller, rack.

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