Gong Hooks

Gong Hooks for Gibraltar Racks

I use all Gibraltar racks & fittings. They are the standard 1.5” steel tubing. You can use Tama, DW/Pacific, or other brands that have the same specs. I tried a lot of different things before coming up with, and refining this idea. 

First you need a typical “S” hook from a hardware store. The ones I use are about 1.75” long—find the thinner ones, and don't worry about the weight rating, it's just a Gong. Then a short length of shrink tubing may be needed to make it fit tightly and not rattle. This also keeps things from having metal on metal contact. But it may work fine without the shrink tubing. Finally you need a standard Gibraltar SC-GPRML memory clamp (not the heavy duty hinged one).


The first step is to put the shrink tubing on the hook and use a heat gun (or other heat source) to shrink it tightly.


Then you loosen the locking screw on the clamp, slip it through the S hook, and slide it on to the tube. Then move it where you want and tighten it down. I always turn it to the side where the Gong cord pulls from. That’s It! 



Syncronicity struck today—I was adding a new crossbar to a rack and had a problem with the S-hooks being too thick to fit between the screw and the bar. A while later I checked on the net and I had a message from someone who was following the above hook directions, but saying they had the exact same problem!

#1 - Not all S-hooks are created equal! Different manufacturers make them in different diameters.

#2 - My solution was to file down the area on top of the hook where it fits in between the screw and the bar. It only took a few minutes and worked perfectly.

#3 - Because the hook fits tightly, I skipped adding the shrink tubing and it seems fine so far - no extra squeaks or noise.

~ MB, April 19, 2010

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