Metal - Part 2

The Art of Extended Techniques

Gongs - bowing, rubbing, scraping, beating. Here are a few short videos from a performance I did in Toronto on July 23, 2006 at the NOW Lounge. To make things easy, all I brought over the border was my mallet bag. My good friend, Toronto drummer Chris Cawthray, rounded up various gear according to a shopping list I sent him. The performance was an interesting challenge in that while I played some of my compositions, the gear was all different and I couldn’t just play things like I always do. This was a lot of fun and a lot more improvising than I normally do. My goal was to be creative and hopefully NOT boring. The last thing I ever want to be is boring

As I edited this video almost 2 years later, I found it interesting to actually watch my performance. I ran through a lot of different moods, techniques, grooves, and general madness. I think it is entertaining and hope you do too.

The video was kindly shot by Chris Cawthray in your basic set the camcorder somewhere and hope the result is good method. The 1st part of the show was shot from the back of the room and features the back of people’s heads, but you can still get an idea of what I’m doing. The later part of the show has the camera moved to a stationary position, stage right. The view is unobstructed and you get to see me flailing away at all manner of percussion. 

Video #1 is The History of Mystery, a performance on a Paiste 22” Sound Creation #5 Peace Gong and a UFIP 28” Targo Light Gong. From what I can tell, I’m using some Balter Basics Red Cord mallets (BB9), Balter Wind Gong Mallets (WG-1), Vic Firth Blades, some small Chinese cymbals, and other assorted percussion.

Video #2 has me playing the Peace Gong with my hands using hand drumming techniques. This is my composition, Stars Show The Way, from the CD of the same name.

Top Photo, Metalworks II,  © 2008, and all videos, © 2006 Michael Bettine

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