Patterns of  Resonance 

Using Drums as Resonating Chambers

Drums make excellent resonating chambers. I like to place small cymbals, Gongs, objects on top of the drums, playing them by striking, scraping, rubbing & bowing

Here are some small Cup Chimes played atop a snare drum.

Another view of the Cup Chimes

A small Chines Opera Gong on the snare. Note that I am muting & releasing 

the Gong with my hand. There are also small Chau & Thai Gongs on the toms.

The track below is Small Gestures, from a live performance. It features a 

small Opera Gong played on the snare drum, plus lots of other percussive sounds. 

Guess them all and win a prize!

M-gong1 CB

A Paiste Mega Cup Chime played on a floor tom. Note the bent mallet shaft

in the left hand as I am pushing the mallet down to change the pitch of the drum.

I like to lay Chinese cymbals on my drums and play them. The photo below shows 2 Chinese cymbals on a floor tom. This is great because the cymbals also rub/clang against each other. I can also mute them with one hand, while playing them with the other.


Here are more Gongs and cymbals on the tom.

Here’s a video featuring a Chinese cymbal played on top of a floor tom. This was recorded in Toronto at the Now Lounge on july 23, 2006.

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